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Rich in history, Rose Hill is a  charming little community  nestled deep in the heart of the  central Appalachian  Mountains.  Tucked away in the  quiet far southwest corner of  Virginia, our little village is  surrounded by breath-taking  views of majestic mountains  and stunning scenery. 

This is God's Country at its finest.  The area offers superb opportunities for  business, education, and outdoor recreation.  Land is cheap and the cost of  living  is low.  People still mostly know each other and greet one another by name.   Neighbors help neighbors.  Folks still   gather on the front porch.  The  small  schools provide a nurturing environment for our youth.  The nearby parks  offer  a glimpse into the frontier days amidst astonishingly beautiful  surroundings.   Music is still a significant part of the local culture.  The coming of  fiber-optic  Internet to our little mountain village brings with it unlimited  economic  opportunities.  Today, Rose Hill has much to offer visitors, residents,  and  businesses alike.  We hope you enjoy our website. 

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